SMS Loyalty Program

How to Grow Your Business with an SMS Loyalty Program? 

SMS Loyalty Program is simply defined as a marketing strategy that is sponsored by retailers, and businesses that offer discounts, rewards, special offers, and many incentives by using text messages to the customers. It is a way to attract customers, and also they ensure to maintain a good relationship with customers by maintaining a loyalty program to engage the customers with the respective brand. 

Customer retention and loyalty are very important for any business to expand and grow. One should see that the customer should not choose our competitor over us when they make any decisions on their next purchase. For this only, the loyalty program is built. If we want a stronger relationship with the customer SMS service is the go-to way. By sending text messages to the customer the organization can gain more trusted customers and also can run their business successfully. One can grow their business with an SMS loyalty program in many ways.

Here are some ways to grow your business using an SMS loyalty program.

1. Providing a unique name to the loyalty program: 

We should make the customer recognize us easily by giving a unique name to the customer. For example, ‘Myntra Insider’ for myntra,’ Nykaa Price’ for Nykaa, Radisson rewards

Let us look into a detailed explanation for this by taking an example.

Everyone is well aware of Amazon for their Amazon prime membership program. If we purchase annual prime membership, the prime members get unlimited free one-day or two-day shipping on various items compared to the non-prime members. It also adds a streaming service where they can watch different types of movies and series. Recently, a great Indian festival sale took place on Amazon, and in that, it was mentioned early access for prime members which is a great benefit for the customers. The organization can send an SMS to the customer as “Hey Riya, congratulations, you have reached the highest level of our Prime loyalty program and as a reward, you get early access to the festival sale. Happy shopping”

In this way, if we provide a unique name, customers can immediately identify it, and also attract them.

2. By taking a survey: 

Customer choices are different in each and every case one can’t be predicted. If the organization provides a survey to the customer then it will be easier to set up a Loyalty program according to the customer’s choice. By doing this, the business also expands and runs successfully. Let us make it more clear with a simple example.

Everyone is aware of Myglamm and its products. To attract any customer the organization should provide a loyalty program, and thus it should include the customer’s choices. If a survey is given to the customers to fill out and the survey should contain what products the customer uses very often, which type of prices the customer chooses mostly. Accordingly, the SMS service can be set up and can send a text message to the customer. In this way, the customer chooses us rather than our competitor.

3. By sending a Thank You message:

A ‘Thankyou’ always leaves a good impression on anyone. One can boost customer retention in the loyalty program by sending a Thank You message. It can be done by targeting new customers and encouraging the loyalty program. For example, Hi Mohan, Thank you for your purchase. You are missing out on something very exciting, which is our famous loyalty program which is a free program to receive your discounts and rewards. To achieve this please click on the above link and go through the process.

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By sending this kind of message the loyalty program maintains more customers and also welcomes new customers. This kind of message attracts a person very easily because everyone looks out for rewards, offers, and discounts. Who doesn’t love discounts, everyone runs to grab them.

4. Special day message:

Special days! Birthdays, Anniversaries are the most beautiful memories for any person. It is the right time to attract the customer and also to maintain a good relationship with the customer. Rewards on these special days are a big treat to the customers, which might entice them to celebrate more lavishly than they usually do for the business. If we provide exciting offers on these special days, customers tend to be attracted to us and they even prefer us the next time they go shopping. For example, SEO Services in Lahore

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A big Happy Birthday to you, Celebrate this day with an exciting offer, get up to 80% off on orders above 3000. Offer valid for 15 days.

Happy anniversary, We are excited to treat you for this day with a special offer, Buy1 get1 free on orders above 1499. HURRY UP!

Messages like these boost customer retention and also grow our business as most people nowadays prefer rewards, and offers rather than buying them for the original price. This is a big strategy to attract customers and also welcome new customers. 

5. Launching a Mobile app:

A mobile app has become very common for retailers to manage loyalty programs. It is a new idea that is running successfully everywhere. And by doing this it collects more customer data, and also this data help the brand or organization to generate SMS service offering rewards, and discounts and enabling healthy communication with the customers.

Everyone is well aware of Starbucks, which is famous for its coffee. Recently Starbucks started a mobile app by launching the Starbucks rewards in the app. For this, the customer has to collect some points, to collect these points he has to buy a coffee using the mobile app. One can think about how this is going to help Starbucks. By doing this Starbucks achieves the customer preferences data and also the transactions of the customer like their all-time drink, favorites, and recently visited locations. All the data is loaded and it becomes easy for the brand to offer more rewards by sending a text message. Looking into it the customer feels happy and excited and starts ordering every single time and also suggests to his fellow mates. Flex Printing in Lahore

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       SMS loyalty programs are very beneficial for reaching the customers and also maintaining customer retention. By sending messages frequently customers tend to try it once to look into what offers are being awarded. It is quite easier for the customer to check the messages; rather than checking the website about the offers. Thus, using this program expands the business and can benefit the brand immensely. SEO Expert in Lahore

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