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Biography of Steve Jobs and the History of Apple

Steve Jobs dropped out of college to work with friend Steve Wozniak to build computers in his parent garage. In 1976,

Top 10 Leadership and Business Management Courses

Business is growing complex by the day. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to be constantly updated on strategies to grow and manage your business.

Niccolò Machiavelli’s Principles of Management

For a long time, Niccolò Machiavelli was interested in people, generally, as a remarkable political thinker, strategist, writer, and historian.

Why are the Jews Smart and Rich?

I decided to consider such an exciting and unusual topic: why are the Jews rich and smart? By the way,

How to Make Money in Forex Trading from Scratch: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Forex is a financial market where currency exchange takes place. Trading on the difference in exchange rates, you can profit from a dozen dollars to amounts with several zeros.

Unique Business Ideas You Can Start Today

If you feel the desire to wander in the clouds, fantasizing about the furture of freedom and success which you will enjoy as an entrepreneur but you seem to have difficulties translating those desires to reality,

History of Standard Oil: How John D. Rockefeller’s Company Captured the Oil Refining and Transportation Market

We studied the history of the corporation Standard Oil: its formation, tough methods of combating rivals and decay by a court decision.

Best 10 Books About Business and Leadership

The ability to build and run a successful business takes a whole lot of hard work and bit of luck depending on the type of business that you are building.

5 Steps to Starting Your Own Business

1. Consider Your Strengths

The old adage is corny but true.  Decide what you would do for the rest of your life if you had no need to make money,

Top 10 TV Shows and Movies That Teach You About Business & Leadership

Movies and TV shows are a great way to unwind, and while we use them for entertainment, we can also learn a thing or two from them.

Learn to be a Machiavellian Leader:
Beat Your Competitors by Being Cunning

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