Check QuickBooks Product Version and Release

How to Check QuickBooks Product Version and Release

It is important for users of the widely used accounting program QuickBooks to be aware of the release and version of the software they are using. In order to update your QuickBooks version as needed, this aids in troubleshooting QuickBooks errors. You can use this article to check the QuickBooks product version and release date, as the license number. Different version has different type of error QuickBooks desktop have 12000 series error and some have interesting feature like exporting customer data to excel in QuickBooks online.

Find the version and release of your QuickBooks software

You can follow the instructions given below in order to find the version and release of the QuickBooks software you are using and how you can update it:

Process 1

  • To begin, the user must go to the home screen.
  • Ctrl + 1 or the F2 key should then be pressed to display the product information window.
  • The user will see the version, edition, and release on the screen in the following step.
  • When the QuickBooks login screen appears and the user is unable to open QuickBooks to access product information because they do not know the admin password, it is advised that they click the “cancel” tab. And by default, it will open the no company open window automatically.
  • After that, press the ctrl key and open QuickBooks by double-clicking the QuickBooks program icon on the desktop
  • Press ctrl till the window appears and you are done with the process

Process 2

  • The user can perform right-click on the QuickBooks program icon to start this process.
  • then choose the properties tab.
  • Click on the shortcut tab after the properties window has appeared, then click the file location.
  • The program executable file (QBW2.EXE) is then displayed on the screen.
  • After that, select the Properties tab by right-clicking the QBW32.EXE file.
  • Look for the General tab in the Properties window.
  • The area line will display the year of your QuickBooks version.
  • Check out the product version by going to the Details tab.

QuickBooks Desktop 

  • F2 should be pressed first. If you want to know the software’s version and release, look at the product line in the product information window.
  • You can then see “Update your QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release” to update your QuickBooks Desktop for Windows.

Steps to Know the Latest Version of QuickBooks You are Using

  • Open your QuickBooks Desktop, press F2 or Ctrl + 1 keys
  • Go to the Product Information window and see the file section in order to find the versions you have used.
  • To check the version and release on QuickBooks Desktop, go to the Help menu and then to Product Information.
  • Click on “Check the product number, license number, version, and release date of your QuickBooks Desktop” to update QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

QuickBooks Statement Writer

  • If you want to verify the release and version:
  • Go to Reports > QuickBooks Statement Writer in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • When the software launches, select Help > About QuickBooks Statement Writer. The About window contains information about the version.
  • Updating QuickBooks Statement Writer:
  • Open QuickBooks Statement Writer
  • Select Help Center > Update

Basic or Enhanced Payroll for QuickBooks 

  • Verify the payroll edition:
  • Make sure to select Employees, then Payroll Center, if you are using QuickBooks Desktop.
  • To view the window for the subscription status, select the Payroll tab.
  • See Download the most recent payroll tax table if you want to download the most recent payroll update.

QuickBooks Point of Sale 

To check the POS version and release, select the Help menu and then “About Point of Sale.” The edition and version are listed in the product line at the top.

Check the box next to “Update QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop to the latest release” if you want to update QuickBooks Point of Sale.

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