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Why are the Jews Smart and Rich?

I decided to consider such an exciting and unusual topic: why are the Jews rich and smart? By the way, many researchers and analysts were engaged in the study of this issue, specifically, one of them, Steven Silbiger, devoted a whole book to him, which he called The Jewish Phenomenon. In today’s publication, I will rely mainly on it, as well as some other publicly available data.

Jews and Business

Many people refer to representatives of Jewish nationality, let’s say, not very well: Jews are considered greedy, self-interested, cunning, and so on. At once I will say that I do not share such a negative attitude, and I do not think that it’s worth sharing your opinion about people on their nationality. On the contrary, in fact, I think we can learn a considerable measure of things from them, concerning achieving wealth, financial independence and personal finance management. Let’s look at the facts.

On a global scale, one can now observe a phenomenon called the Jewish phenomenon. The essence of this phenomenon lies in the fact that, despite the rather small number of representatives of this nationality, they have for many years traditionally occupied the so-called “upper layer” of society and are among the richest people in the world. For example, in Russia, the number of Jews is only about 0.1%, and in the US – no more than 2% of the total population. At the same time, there are nearly 200 Jews in the Forbes rating, and among the richest people in the US on their representatives account for nearly 50%.

The number of Jews is only about 0.002% of the total population of the Earth, while the number of Jewish billionaires is 25% of the total number of billionaires. Among all Nobel laureates, Jews make up 20%. That is, it can be unequivocally asserted that Jews are brilliant and successful.

Why is this happening? Why are the Jews rich? This question was studied by many. We will consider the Jewish phenomenon from Steven Silbiger. In his book “The Jewish Phenomenon”, Silbiger singled out 7 main qualities, which he considers to be the main secrets of Jewish success.

So, what are these qualities?

1. The constant thirst for knowledge. Jews have an extreme desire for knowledge and are always living in the learning process. “Learn something new” is in their blood, and they consider knowledge to be the basis for achieving wealth. Proceeding from this, the method of their training includes not only the direct acquisition of knowledge, but also their further application in practice in the interests of their success and well-being.

2. Cohesion and support of relatives. The Jewish phenomenon is largely explained by the fact that Jews are a very solidary people. They always care for their loved ones, especially their relatives, but not only for them but for all representatives of their nationality. Jews are always prepared to go to the aid of each other, knowing that if they need help, they will also receive it. In fact, every Jew feels the support of the whole people, which helps him to succeed in life and business.

3. Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial grasp. Many, answering the question “Why are the Jews rich?” immediately note the presence of precisely these qualities. Indeed, in this, they can only envy. Jews are always confidently going to their goal, whether it’s their business development or career growth, and they reach the peaks pretty quickly. Among them, there are a lot of executives, top managers and owners of the largest companies.

4. Ability to negotiate. Surely everyone heard a lot of anecdotes about how Jews trade, which, of course, did not arise from scratch. The Jewish Phenomenon is partly since Jews are very good at defending their position, they are proficient in the art of persuasion and can achieve the conclusion of deals on those terms that are more gainful to them.

5. The lack of demonstration of their wealth to the public. People often dream of becoming rich, to be able to throw money and afford themselves a prestigious vacation, pleasure, entertainment, in every possible way to demonstrate their wealth. Jews in this regard – the complete opposite: the Jew will never observe whether he is rich or not, he will never show his wealth to the public. Moreover, even a very rich Jew will try to save money on small things. But this quality mainly answers the question “Why are the Jews rich?” – because they take care of personal finances, do not scatter them, but accumulate and invest.

6. Pride in their origin. Steven Silbiger explains the Jewish phenomenon also by the fact that these people are always very proud of their origin, in spite of their difficult and even tragic fate. Pride in themselves and their people helps them to go forward, serves as a source of inspiration, strength, and motivation to achieve goals.

7. Self-confidence. Try to change your mind to something of a Jew, and you will surely suffer a fiasco. Every Jew is confident in his righteousness and is ready to prove it to others endlessly. He always has faith in himself – and this is the most essential quality for success.

That’s why the Jews are rich and smart. The presence of these 7 qualities, some of which someone may find unacceptable for themselves, helped these people so to stand out, enter the lists of the richest people in the world and constinously update their representatives in them.

I think that the Jewish phenomenon can serve as a good example and a lesson for anyone who dreams of becoming successful, achieving wealth and financial independence. So take note.

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