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Top 10 Tools for Successful Cryptocurrency Trading

There are some effective tools that traders use daily for successful trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Let’s talk about those tools.

1. Coinmarketcap


  • View daily trading volume
  • See changes in the last 24 hours
  • Estimate total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies you are interested in
  • View top cryptocurrencies which rose in price in the last 24 hours
  • View top cryptocurrencies which fell in price in the last 24 hours

2. TradingView


  • Read reviews and forecasts of other traders
  • Follow the rates in real time
  • Use tools for technical analysis of graphs




Twitter – the main source of information about the cryptocurrency events


  • Recognize current news from official sources
  • Observe what the creators of cryptocurrencies pay attention to

These people are in front of all the cryptocurrency structure and often own the most relevant information regarding the cryptocurrency world.



  • Evaluate the team of cryptocurrency developers and also the contribution of each participant
  • To see at what stage the development is, and how active it is



  • Evaluate developer activity on Github



  • See the calendar of upcoming events in the cryptocurrency world.

It is worth noting that often such events as hardfork or the listing of a coin to a new exchange affect the price growth of the cryptocurrency.

  • Sort currencies according to different criteria

This function will help you find the most current coins in real time.

  • Monitoring of social networks

The service automatically collects tweets of thousands of cryptocurrency developers and firstly shows tweets of coins leading in the last 24 hours. Thus, the picture of the day is formed. Also, the service offers to see the tweets of the cryptocurrency you are interested in by simply typing its name into the search.

In the Social index tab you can see the changes in the number of the community, this indicator shows the real interest of users to a particular cryptocurrency. This means that some people who have subscribed to the social network have already purchased cryptocurrency or are planning to buy this cryptocurrency.

8. Signals


  • Find out which cryptocurrency is worth buying

On the Internet, there are many different signals, both free and paid. Signals are information about which cryptocurrency is worth buying and at what price. Completely rely on signals is impossible, but this can be a starting point to begin to analyze the prospects for cryptocurrency.



  • To learn the attitudes of people who are interested in cryptocurrencies.
  • Find out the forecasts
  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrencies.

10. YouTube

You should subscribe to these channels:

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